This website was created because I want to undertake requests, my favorite scope is portrait photos, so if you may need a portfolio, or anything connected to this, it’s sure that I can help you. I’m interested in photography for about 5 years now, and I already had some referrals, so I’m not a fully beginner, but of course I don’t think that I’m a professional.

At the moment, I’m working with a DSLR camera, and two different types of tripods, so I can state the most common requests. I’m also planning to open a new studio here, in Budapest in the future, which I will definitely share here as soon as it’s complete.

I suggest you to check the ‘About’ part, where I shared some basic information of myself, and you can get to know more about my references. At the gallery, there are two main part, an old and a new one. The new photos have been shot in the last 2 years, while the old ones are older than 2 years, but you can easily distinguish them by the watermarks on it. I hope you are going to like my work, I really tried my best to make these pictures to be as good as they can be.