My name is Levente, an ambitious photographer at the start of his career. I’m originally from Budapest, but I relocated to the United Kingdom about 5 years ago.

I fell in love with photography in my early teenager years, watching my father capture the breathtaking sunsets at the shore of lake Balaton. Since then, more than 10 years gone by, and my obsession towards the art form only got deeper. I self-thought myself at the start using books, online sources and most importantly getting experience out there. Recently I decided that I want to take things to the next level, and I got accepted to the best photography course of the UK*, Edinburgh Napier University, where I’m currently in my 3rd year of studies now.

Levente Hegedus

The man behind the camera

I tried myself out in several fields of photography, but the one that caught my attention the most so far is landscapes. I enjoy being out in nature a lot, exploring new places and going on adventures. I’m in the lucky position to live in Scotland, where I have plenty of options to do just this. However I’m still keeping an open mind as to where my journey will take me, I’m still in the process of becoming a professional and I want to keep my options open for now. I enjoy other subcategories of photography too, from portraiture to documentary, there’s always something that I find enjoyable to do.

Currently I’m located in Edinburgh, and shoot both digitally and analogue. My main camera is a Nikon DSLR, with a wide range of lenses to suit my open approach to all categories of photography. As for references, I had several jobs in the past, including weddings, portrait shooting for a model competition or for a Christmas card, various events like baptization, sports events, theatre plays and so on. So as far as commissions go, I really do everything – at least for now.