Hi there! My name is Levente, an ambitious photographer at the start of his career. I was born in Budapest, and lived there until I turned 18. I fell in love with the art when I was about 10, watching my father capture the breathtaking sunset at lake Balaton. Since then, more than 10 years gone by, and my obsession towards it only got deeper. I self-thought myself during these years using books, online sources and most importantly getting experience out there. I took my camera with me all the time wherever I’ve gone, fieldtrips, family vacations, hikes, so that I could practice as often as I could.

I tried myself out in several field of photography, but the one that caught my attention the most was portraits. I love the idea of capturing emotions, different lives and feelings of people in every way and form. Therefore, I would say I’m mostly orientated towards fields where people are involved, for instance wedding photography, family portraits, event photography and so on.

Currently I’m located in London, but I’m planning to move to Ireland by mid-2021. As for references, I had several jobs in the past, including weddings, portrait shooting for a model competition or for a Christmas card, various events like baptization, sports events, theatre plays and so on. You can find some of these works in my portfolio, where I divided them to three main parts based on when they were shot or if they are portraits or not.