My name is Levente Hegedus, and at the moment I’m studying at a bilingual high school. I’m from Hungary, and I’m 17 years old, which means that I started being interested in photography 5 years ago. I speak English quite well, and I know some German and French as well.

I started taking photography seriously about 3 years ago, and at the same time, I bought my first MILC camera, a Sony a3000. During the years, I had some references, especially portraits, which were quite successful, so I’d like to continue this project of mine while also growing a little bit. Nowadays, I work with a semi-pro Nikon DSLR, and I also expanded my list of gears and lenses this year. I edit my pictures in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, so I know how to use these programs in an appropriate way.

I also learned photography, how to set the lights for a portrait, a scene, or any other photos, how to communicate a feeling through a photo, and I also developed some tricks by myself. I must admit that I’m not the most experienced photographer at all, but I want to gain experience, and start building my own carrier.

If you’re interested in my artwork, and you maybe even want to hire me, feel free to contact me.

In my galleries, there are two main parts; an old, and a new one. The new ones had been shot shot in the last 2 year, and consequently the old ones are older than 2 years. You can easily distinguish these pictures by the watermark on it, the newer ones have my signature written on them. I try to keep these galleries updated regularly, so you can see my newest pieces of artwork every time.


Located in Budapest